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Rainbow Cards - Set 9 -The Super Six Syllable Set

Rainbow Cards - Set 9 -The Super Six Syllable Set

Rainbow Cards - Set 9 -The Super Six Syllable Set
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Set 9 is used for teaching "The Six Kinds of Syllables" in our language.

Every word in our language is made of pieces called syllables. Every syllable has one vowel unit. Put these pieces together and you form words--all words. The great thing is there are only six kinds of syllables! Once students learn to recognize the pieces within the word, they are no longer frustrated by longer words. They know that all they have to do is look for the vowels and the word can be decoded. Children as young as 7-years-old can learn all six. Younger children can master at least two or three of them.

Teaching this simple word decoding strategy can have great results in improving the reading ability of all your students, not just the strugglers.

(See "Features" Below.)
Features Quantity
An overiew of the 6 Kinds of Syllables 1
Directions for the game, "Word Soup" 1
Blackline masters of Closed Syllables 2 (Astro Bright Yellow)
Blackline masters of Open Syllables 2 (Astro Bright Red)
Blackline masters of Magic "E" Syllables 2 (Astro Bright Coral)
Blackline masters of "R"-Controlled Syllables 2 (Astro Bright Fuschia)
Blackline masters of Vowel Digraph Syllables 2 (Astro Bright Purple)
Blackline masters of C-"LE" Syllables 1 (Astro Bright Blue)
Blackline masters of Preceding Syllables for C-"LE" 2 (Astro Bright Green)

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