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Rainbow Cards - Set 7 - Irregular Vowel Units

Rainbow Cards - Set 7 - Irregular Vowel Units

Rainbow Cards - Set 7 - Irregular Vowel Units
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Set 7 is used for teaching words that have a vowel unit (digraph) where two or more letters combine to make one sound.

Vowel sounds that are composed of more than one vowel are the most difficult phonics concept to teach and learn because there are so many variations. Out of all the phonics concepts we teach, this is the ONLY difficult one for students to learn. If your students haven't mastered Set 5, we recommend not introducing the irregular vowels yet. The cards in this set can have more than one sound and should be introduced one at a time. This is where your students will encounter many sight words (words that must be memorized because phonics generalizations don't work as well on these words.) If your students are struggling with reading, really take your time with this set. Teach only one card per day with the different possible sounds it may have. These sounds are listed on the face of each card.

We have included directions for "Doodle Cards" because people with a reading disability, especially dyslexia, are able to remember pictures more easily than words. This simple activity has helped many students master difficult words.

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Features Quantity
Directions for "Doodle Cards" 1
Blackline master irregular vowel units 1 (lavender)
Blackline master of consonant endings for double vowels 1 (pale yellow or ivory)

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