The Information Station

Information Index for Rainbow Readers

Rainbow Readers was created to help teachers bridge the gap between what we’ve done in the past and can do in the future. Simple changes based on research can help a greater number of our struggling readers succeed in learning to read. Their future depends on it.

 The following is a directory to information we hope will make your job easier. (Italicized index items are planned and will be added as they become available.)

  1. Reading Information Page (General Information)
  2. Dyslexia
  3. Response to Intervention/Instruction (RTI)
  4. Assessment
  5. Phonemic Awareness 
  6. Beginning Phonics (Alphabetic Principles)
  7. Advanced Phonics (Alphabetic Principles)
  8. Vocabulary
  9. Fluency
  10. Comprehension   
  11. Writing: Handwriting
  12. Writing: Spelling 
  13. Writing: Composition

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